Discover India by train : palace on wheels

Discover India by train : palace on wheels

A luxury train trip is the best way to experience intimately, spending your time there and not getting there. Unlike a bus tour where you spend more time traveling than actually seeing the country, or a hotel-to-hotel circuit where you constantly pack and unpack, a luxury train trip offers the good cousin, a high quality service and a picturesque trip throughout the beautiful Indian countryside.

An unforgettable trip

Ride aboard the luxury train full of Rajputana atmosphere and a fascinating fairy tale journey. These tours offer visitors an unforgettable experience of life by visiting palaces, Forts and Museums, meeting with the local people during the day and rest in the royal lounges of the train when the night comes. Spending a week or even four days in the train gives a good idea of the topographical variety of the country, from fertile plains to rugged mountains, and from desert to forest, you must also stop on the road to discover interesting historical sites and towns.

Different circuits to choose from

For all tastes and train enthusiasts, there are several train tours to choose from. Each trip has its characteristics, which makes them all unique. Three circuits are most famous.

  •  Palace on Wheels: A splendid royal enchanting journey through the days of the Maharajas. Although the times have changed and the winds have turned, the "Palace on Wheels" is springing up with its royal look, as only the Maharajas of old could have perpetuated and shared. The exquisite, unique Palace on Wheels has luxurious cabins and a very personal service, making it one of the best train travels in India. In fact, anything closer to paradise on earth is in this discovery. In seven days, you will have discovered immense India in unparalleled luxury.
  •  Deccan Odyssey: This luxury train takes you on an unforgettable seven-day journey through the ancient kingdom of the Mahrattas. These interiors reflect the history and culture of Maharashtra. On board your Deccan Odyssey, travel to the beautiful beaches of Goa and Maharashtra. Admire the huge forts and palaces of Mahrattas and the Osho Ashram in Pune. Finally, visit the historical sites of Ajanta, Ellora and Aurangabad.
  •  Heritage on Wheels: This luxury train takes you through the unexplored regions of Bikaner and Shekhawati, the famous open-air museums of Rajasthan's legacy. The Shekhawati being one of the most beautiful landscapes of this trip. This train is in itself a work of art. Each wagon and each wall keep the imprint of the imagination and talent of the painter who created it.

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