Top Indian rail Journeys

Top Indian rail Journeys

Top Indian rail Journeys

A common destination of Opodo's customers, India is well known for many things. Beautiful nature, historic sites and stunning cities are among the best things to visit in this subcontinent of Asia. Traveling by train is one of the most popular means of transport in India.

This is due to over 115 000 km of railway track that this subcontinent has. It also allows you to discover various wild landscapes and beautiful scenery through the train's windows.

The best Indian rail journeys to experience when traveling across the country

  • Mumbai – Goa

Train journey from Mumbai to Goa is really fun. It allows travelers to discover and experience a wide range of amazing things and beautiful nature. Many people say that is more exciting than the holiday. The wonderful landscapes made of green trees, innumerable rivers, coastal places and rocky mountains is one of the main reasons that make the journey really fantastic.

The route is also full of incredible tunnels and bridges. The journey allows passengers to take beautiful pictures and videos all along the large railway. All this makes your trip more enjoyable and exciting while staying in the train for hours.

  • Kalka – Shimla

Considered as one of the best train journeys in North India. This is also the best for those who are fun of adventurous journey. The trip is led by a little toy train that crosses 102 tunnels and 82 bridges during the trip. The journey is mainly characterized by deep valleys, mountains, sharp curves, rolling bends and high density forest of oak, deodars and pines. It enlivens passengers by the smooth winds that blow all along the narrow track.

  • Ratnagiri – Mangalore

Among the most wonderful toy-train rides of India, this travel allows passengers to experience the beauty of the nature in almost 5 hours. If you travel from Ratnagiri to Mangalore by train, expect the deep tunnels, river bridges, rolling bends and many small streams. The track is also full of dense pine forests and dramatic mountain peaks that complete the beauty of the journey.

  • New Jalpaiguri – Darjeeling

The journey takes about 8 hours with a slow-moving train ride which travels along a 78 km track up. It allows to enjoy the pleasing view of the snow-capped mountains, grassy forests, hill-valley and the tea fields of Himalaya. The adventures that you discover through the train windows make your journey very exciting and unforgettable.

  • Mettupalayam to Ooty

The journey lasts about 5 hours for the small toy train that you take in Mettupalayam. What makes this train journey enjoyable is the existence of the green landscapes with oak, thick pine eucalyptus and tea fields. The bends, curves and tunnels and hundreds bridges complete the beauty of the route. Make sure you bring a camera to capture beautiful pictures and videos for good memories from this adventurous travel.

Taking a trip to India

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